22 comments on “Hallasan National Park (한라산)

  1. Definitely on our to-do list…just think we need to wait for the kids to get older! But when they saw these pictures, N told me she would just run so she could get to the top :)

    I’ve heard such incredible things about this hike that is is extra fun to see your pictures and read about your experience. So glad this was part of your trip but oh my goodness – how did you fit everything (including tent and sleeping gear) in your backpack!? I need packing tips like that!

    • Haha, yes, this hike was a tough one! It was funny, we debated about whether to leave our bags behind and just carry water/food, and then get a taxi back to the campground. But Elicia instead said, “Comon, we got this!!” So, we went for it. I have a nice 70L hiking backpack and that had the tent, food, clothes, etc. We tried to pack light, but it was still a bit heavy. Elicia had a normal school backpack filled with her clothes. It was 18+ Km of beautiful trails and sites. By doing the point-to-point hike, we saved ourselves a long cab ride back, and instead we caught a bus quickly to continue on our journey!

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  14. I’ve been looking everywhere for peoples feedback on doing the Gwaneumsa trail up and the Seongpanak trail down. I figured I would rather tackle the “harder” trail on the way up and take the slightly easier on the way down as my hips and knees will probably have had it by then. It looks like you hike quite a lot, do you think that most people would be able to do this hike? I’ve started doing more cardio and local hikes in my city to try and train for it.

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