8 comments on “Seongsan Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak) (성 산)

  1. I have started reading this post many times – always to be interrupted. So glad I finally was able to see all the pictures and wow – that last one is amazing! Adding this to our to-do list in Jeju! Wish you could have seen the sunrise, but looks like you had an amazing morning anyway.

    • Both Elicia and I think it was well worth the trip, despite not being able to see the sunrise. About 20min drive away from Sunrise Mtn is the Manjanggul Caves, a HUGE network of lava tubes. We checked that out too since we were on the east-side of Jeju, and it was definitely worth the $2 (only!) entrance fee! Both of these are UNESCO sites :)

  2. “Pretty easy”! You must be in great shape – I’ll calibrate the rest of your posts with this one.

    Yes, most people make it up but everyone of us “normals” were huffing and puffing and sweating on the summer afternoon I tried it.

    • Sorry for the long delay! I too was huffing and puffing, please don’t get me wrong! It’s a lot of stairs, but just like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race! I hope you had a nice fall and enjoyed hiking in Korea. Cheers!

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