4 comments on “Bonghwasan (봉 화 산) & Cheonseongsan (천 성 산)

  1. wow — I love those views! Especially love the photo of the many peaks and the stone piles. Looks like a really great hike and how you turned down the beach and seafood restaurants, I don’t know :) I’m pretty sure I would have needed a break! I think it is awesome that you have done so much hiking in such a short period of time and I knew there were lots of mountains in Korea – I just had no idea they were so easy to get to and hike!! Awesome!

    • That was my favorite view, too! Those little rock piles were neat. We only saw one other hiker that night. It’s so peaceful every time we go hiking around Yeosu. I feel like we’ve made progress in the number of hikes we’ve done, but when you look around there are SO many more! This whole country is filled with rolling mountains, perfect for hiking and exploration :)

  2. Your blog is so informative! I love it! I really hope I can get at least one more hike in before I leave Korea. Maybe a trip to Yeosu is in order, these seem like two mountains my feet could handle.

    Hope to see you soon!

    • Thanks, Alyssa! I hope you can get another hike in too before you go. We will miss you here in SoKo but we’re so excited for your next 4 months of travel! You and Pat are welcome here in Yeosu anytime, you know that. Horangsan Mtn or these two would be perfect for you, the views are really awesome! How about Jangdeung Beach & Hiking weekend soon?!?

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