9 comments on “Mt. Kinabalu

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    Great job on the trek & the write up! I really hope that I can do this one day; I would definitely do it the same way as you guys.

    Let’s travel somewhere together soon, ok? :) Keep adventuring! See you soon, I hope!!

    • Gracias! One day was tough, but SO worth it! If you’ve got the time, Elicia and I think you’d really enjoy Borneo/Sabah. Yes, hopefully we can meet somewhere soon! I’m looking at Cambodia for Choseok today

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  6. How would you compare kinabalu to hallasan? Which route of halla did you do? We are deciding on one day (to fit in a day of island hooping) or two day climb, no time for beaches :(

    • Great question! Kinabalu is much more difficult compared to Hallasan because the altitude becomes a factor and time does, too (must summit by 1pm). Go to Kinabalu a day ahead, apply for one day hike, start as early as possible (office opens at 7am I think, but check) and keep a good pace up the grueling trail, and you can make it in one day. Two days is more expensive but also an option. Hallasan isn’t steep, where Kinabalu is longer, steeper, and altitude. Have fun and good luck!!

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