13 comments on “Gaedo Island (개도)

  1. again, wow! The beauty is amazing. All of those islands just dotting the sea – wow!

    Love that you are exploring all of these islands! It’s great to see another way of life and the other parts of Korea. And thanks for the map!! I really like seeing where these places are that you explore!

    • 감사합니다 Yvonne! Thankful that you continue to follow along :) In the upcoming days/weeks I want to create some more detailed maps and also some how-to’s on how to use the Korean mapping service, Naver Maps, to find hiking trails and to better utilize the Yeosu bus system! It’s on my to-do list ASAP! Maybe it could help an expat or two living here in Korea.

    • Too bad the restaurant wasn’t open… but the steaming hot bowl of spicy ramen really did the trick after a long, cold, wet day of exploring Gaedo Island! Thanks goes to you for being amazing company to hike with :)

  2. Amazing photos! I love hiking as well but have only hiked once here in Ulsan (Gajisan)! The summer was miserably hot so I’m hoping I can get some good hiking in before winter hits. Do you have any experience hiking the mountains down here in Ulsan?

    • Thank you, Kirsten! Indeed, the summer months were brutal here in Yeosu, too. Luckily we made it to Malaysia to Mt. Kinabalu in August, that was awesome! Now the weather is perfect for hiking again, so we’re back at it. Unfortunately we haven’t made it to Ulsan yet, but would like to visit sometime this fall. I was curious about Ulsan, so I looked at Naver Maps for a while and found there to be what looks like tons of good hiking near Ulsan! Gajisan is definitely the tallest at 1241m and the other peaks nearby aren’t too far behind. There are TONS of trails there around Gajisan. Do you own a car, or rely on city buses and taxis? Either way, there’s a 600m peak real close to Ulsan called Munsusan with a temple called Munsusa. There are several starting points but there’s a trailhead by Ulsan University (울산대학교), Woo-Shin High School (우신고등학교) or Mugeo Elementary School (무거초등학교). There’s other places to begin, but maybe you’re familiar with one or could figure out how to start at one of those points (maybe ask your co-t). The trail first takes you up Yeongchuksan Peak (352m) and you could carry on to Munsusan Peak @ 600m if you wanted, or shoot south to trails around a different mountain that’s connected called Namamsan (543m). Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help out!
      Hike On,

      • Thanks for all the great info! I rely on city buses and taxis! I’ve heard that Munsusan was good but didn’t have any info on so thanks so much! I can’t wait to start hiking more, which is sometimes difficult because I teach a lot of Saturday classes, in addition to teaching M-F. But your blog has definitely inspired me to get out more!

      • You are welcome! Hopefully you can get a free Saturday or Sunday soon so you can give Munsusan a shot, I am sure it’ll be awesome! There’s others further west of Ulsan, but Munsusan is definitely the closest, most prominent peak that’s worth hiking IMO. It’ll be the easiest for you to get to. If you’d like help with bus #’s, maps or hiking routes, let me know and I can try to help. Have a good one!

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  6. Yo Tom, long time no see! Just out of curiosity, did you guys ever make it to Sado on this trip or any other? Thinking about doing that one. Hope you guys are doing well!

    • Yes! We did one trip just to Gaedo Island. It was plenty of hiking for one day, the trails were a bit rustic though and overgrown! Then on another trip we went to Sado Island for ~2hrs and then to Hahwado Island for a couple hours for hiking. Both of these were great! I’d do Sado/Hahwado before Gaedo IMO! The ferry does constant round trips from Baekyado port so it’s not too complicated once you’re down there.

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