15 comments on “Deogyusan National Park (덕유산)

    • That’s great! Where did you live while in Korea? Were you a teacher also, or did you have a different job? My wife and I hope to see all the national parks here in Korea, it will be challenging but each one so far has been SO beautiful. What was your favorite hike/mountain?

      • I lived for two years in Ulsan and then moved up to Seoul. I used to hike Bukhansan and Dubongsan often for something near Seoul. As far as farther away, Juwangsan was my favorite park because of the quietness-go one Buddha’s Birthday if you get the chance. Also, try to make it down to Hallasan if you get the chance! Happy climbing!

      • That’s cool! We want to head over towards Ulsan soon, looks like a neat area. Juwangsan does look nice, it appears to have a few nice loops you could do. We’ll get there soon! Maybe this fall, or next spring. Hike On!

      • Ulsan has a tight expat community and some decent beaches. Koreans will tell you that it is the ‘countryside’ and most of them have never been there, but as usual, they don’t know what they’re talking about! Enjoy the hikes!

  1. Waves and waves of mountains – totally breathtaking! I had to laugh though at all the people at the peak…I remember that from our hiking experience a number of years ago. It was CROWDED on top!

    I am loving seeing Korea through your eyes! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yes – the further up you go, the more you realize that this entire nations is filled with TONS of mountains! It really looks endless (and beautiful). The national parks here are really special!

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  5. I’m planning to do a snow hike here mid-December, so definitely won’t be aiming for too ambitious a climb. Are there any routes that you would recommend in that kind of weather? I’ll be coming from the Muju side!

    • Will you be starting at Muju ski resort? Or down at the bottom near where we started (Samgong-ni park entrance?) You can ride the ski lift up to the Seolcheonbong Peak, which is the top of Muju ski resort, I’m not sure how much it costs though! Otherwise the hiking trail is literally right on the ski slopes and I heard from people who have skiied there that there are also hikers often sharing the trails! Could be a nice adventure. The trail we hiked would be very accesible in the winter in my opinion. Lots of tree-cover with few rocks and boulders, and it’s not too steep! Basically though, once you’re at the top make your way to Hyangjeokbong Peak (1614m) as it’s an easy 07.km hike. Continue walking the way we did, towards Jungbong Peak (1594m), this will also be do-able in the snow. From there you can walk along beautiful ridges for a ways and come back whenever you please. The views will be gorgeous in the winter I bet. There’s maps at just about every intersection in this park, so it will be easy to navigate once you’re there. HAVE FUN!

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