10 comments on “Songnisan National Park (속리산)

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  4. Hi Thomas! I’ve been reading some of your entries and I must say your blogs are interesting and informative. About Cheonwangbong peak, I have come across it in the Jirisan hiking post too. Are there two Cheonwangbong in Korea? One at Jirisan and one at Songnisan?

    • Thank you! Yes that is correct! Cheonwangbong means “highest peak” so that name is given to several peaks in Korea, often to the highest peak in each park or area. So yes, one is in Songnisan and also Jirisan (and others!) Hike On!

      • Wow I’m glad that I have 4/5 mountains in my itinerary for my trip to Korea next year! Just read your post on Juwangsan and I think I must include it in my itinerary for sure!

        Do you still live in Yeosu and go hiking over the weekend?

      • Wow, that’s cool! Juwangsan is the most remote and hardest to get to, but the canyon is quite spectacular. Nice walking course is possible. Nope, my wife and I moved from Korea in April. We now live in Morocco and are teaching here! :)

  5. Love your entries. My husband and I are working our way through Korea’s national parks as well. Hoping to do Songnisan tomorrow! Thanks!

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