9 comments on “Kleaning Korean Mountains

  1. Awesome post! When we moved here, we started noticing things like trash on the ground everywhere we walked. In our city, there are not many trash cans and so people just throw their stuff on the ground. Once in a while, street cleaners will pick up the mess, but it is still disheartening to see. Living in a country with so many people makes trash a big problem. What a wonderful gesture to take the time to help pick some of it up!

    • Yes, the way ‘they do trash’ here is a bit different than back home… it seems organized I guess, and the street cleaners do a good job, but I agree that it’s disheartening to see the trash in the streets and trails, and the extra effort it takes for someone to then pick it up! But, I’m happy to pick up the trash on the trails to make it cleaner for those behind me :) Have a good week & stay warm!

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  3. Stumbled across your blog while preparing for my upcoming Korea trip. It will be my 2nd time and I loved the hiking first time around, so looking forward doing that again. I got 3 hikes planned and will pick up on your KKM and collect some trash while on the trails. Great inspiring initiative! We all can do our little something, and you dont really have to go to Korea to do so :)

  4. Just did a hike in Bukhansan National Park today where I picked up countless wrappers and 3 water bottles. This is something I started doing back in Canada, and will continue doing here! I’m with you :)

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