8 comments on “Korea National Parks – Summit Pics

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  4. Hello! I saw your post about Hitakatsu (Tsushima) and you mentioned that you took a bus from there to Izuhara. I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE and I just can’t find any information about how long it takes to get from one place to the other by bus. Could you, pleaaaaase, help me with that information?

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by, and that’s a great question. We ended up getting the bus time table from the bus station in Hitakatsu. We took a very early bus down to Izuhara and while I don’t remember the specifics I want to say it was a 1.5hr – 2hr journey. I could be wrong though! When we got there we got information about the return bus back up north and all I remember is we returned after sunset after the day of exploring in Izuhara (we were camping at the Miudo beach near Hitakatsu). The island itself is awesome. I’d recommend doing some biking if you enjoy that, it’s a great way to see the beautiful coastal roads in the north. Enjoy and holler if more ?s

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