7 comments on “Bonghwangsan (봉황산) & Hyangiram (향일암)

    • It was fun & refreshing to dig up these ‘old’ pictures on my phone and pick out the best ones of the hikes we did in Dec/Jan… I was reminded just how awesome the hiking is here! It’s good to be back in the blogging world, I had a long and restful winter hibernation.

  1. Fabulous! We’re planning a family trip next year and we’d like to go to Hyangiram, so I’ve been looking up lots of posts about it. I haven’t seen anyone else talk about hiking there. So gorgeous. (Our kids will be 8 and 12 and probably not up to many strenuous hikes, but we are planning to do Naeyeonsan in Pohang, at least up to the seventh waterfall. I am super excited. :)

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