4 comments on “Palyeongsan Mountain, Goheung (팔영산)

  1. OH I love this one. Great photos. You have done such a great job documenting the hiking adventures we have completed in Korea. Here is to many many more hikes this next year. Thanks for being the coolest husband in the world. LOVE YOU!

    • The first couple hours was fun as we hiked around the base of Mudeungsan, but as we neared the top I began to like it less and less… I think it’s still cool as a park, but certainly not one of my favs. There’s too many other spectacular ones I think!

      Which one or two were your favorites? If I had to pick I’d say Woraksan and Deogyusan have been my favs.

      • Well, I made a point of hiking most of the national parks except the marine parks, and I hit a bunch of provincial parks as well — it’s hard to pick just one or two!! But I really loved Seoraksan & Bukhansan… Woraksan was awesome, Jirisan amazing, Naedangsan spectacular… Wolchulsan was really cool, too… Lol! Korea’s a great country for hiking!!

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