6 comments on “Cloud Bridge

  1. You were right about this mountain. It was a beaut! I loved the views all along the way. We started on the other entrance and found it less crowded until reaching the Cloud Bridge. I’d recommend that way for a quieter entrance but the taxi back was a flat 15k without a meter. Not too bad though. Great hikes!

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  3. We are contemplating this trip with our four children. Our youngest two would be in backpacks and the oldest two (ages 7 and 5) would be on foot. We have hiked Seoraksan, the hundreds of stairs of Gatbawi, Hwawangsan, and Apsan twice in the same way. Is this trail primarily stairs in the steepest locations or is there actual boulder climbing? I’m trying to figure out if we can even do it with them. :-)

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