9 comments on “Chiaksan National Park (치악산)

  1. WOW! “Hiking” with the T and e team is so effortless! :) Through all your photos and descriptions we feel like we have been to all 15 parks and peaks with you! XOX

    • In spirit you definitely have been with us! We wish all our family and friends could have seen all the trails, boulders, waterfalls, peaks, valleys and summits we’ve seen these last 18 months. Thank goodness for pictures and my goofy stories, or else I would’ve forgotten some by now!

  2. You’ve almost made it! I’m sure that you’ve got something special planned for the last one. Can’t wait to check it out. Hopefully you won’t stop writing about these experiences after you’ve completed this. This is definitely a story worth telling from many angles. Keep on inspiring me, my friend. Take care and best of luck to ya!

    • Thanks Duke! Always good to hear from you. Each park and experience has so much to write about. And only one trip to each park is great, but man alive I could visit each park 2x or 3x and still not see all the trails!

  3. Great tip on taking that route in reverse, as that’s what we did today. The wet rocks made slow progress up the mountain, but the other path was clearly a better choice for descent.

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