11 comments on “Hiking the Jirisan Ridge (지리산)

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  2. Wow, what an epic post! I’ve had that very view of the Nogodan Peak but minus the awesome colors you got to enjoy! I love that picture of the shelter. It was pretty crowded when we got there so that shot seems like a really timely one. Weather permitting, we’ll be going for Cheonwangbong very soon. Thanks for this guide. I’ll definitely be quoting it when trying his hike:)

    • Nogodan area was nice, I bet Hwaeoemsa Temple is solid if there’s daylight to enjoy it! Cheongwangbong is a beast, that’s for sure!! Have fun and Happy Trails!!

  3. Tom! What an excellent write up! I’m sitting here (desk warming), dreaming of cooler temps and fall hikes. I figured I’d come to your blog and start planning which parks I want to do. Even though I’ve already done the Jirisan Ridge, reading this post made me want to do it again! Thanks for all the inspiration. I wish you and E were here to hike with us this fall! Missing you guys!

  4. Waoww,,, you have an excellent post with the gorgeous pics, i really enjoy to read your beautiful blog post mr.tom. keep your great post and never stop to explore every corner of the world to see the beautiful place in every step of your foot.

  5. I did this same hike years ago in the fall as well, don’t remember if it was the exact trail, but it was about 30k. One vivid memory I had was the colours and you’ve really brought that out beautifully in your pictures. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to checking out some of the other hikes you have posted.

    • Thank you! Spring flowers and the fall colors are a couple things I miss since moving from Korea! Those seasons were sublime there, and hiking was the best way to experience them! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  6. Hi Thomas, I am planning a hike from Seongsamjae Pass to the Cheonwangbong Peak in two days, and would like to seek some advice. The only shelter I was able to book was the Sesoek Shelter unfortunately. I was wondering if walking from seongsamjae to sesoek is doable within one day ( given we start hiking at the passat 5:30am, and skip the nyogdan peak & byongdong peaks?) Any advice will be appreciated, thank you!

    • Hey Alison! Thanks for stopping by. Yes I think you can make it to Sesoek shelter in one day… start as early as possible and don’t take too long of breaks and I think you’ll be just fine provided you have some experience hiking and/or walking long distances. Once on the ridge it’s never too difficult or technical, it’s just long so the legs and joints take a pounding by the end of the walk. When do you plan to do it? Being a headlamp for the morning hours and after sunset just in case, but is highly recommend arriving at Sesoek so you can enjoy the views and fuel up with good food (bring a feast, it’s worth it!). Good luck, have fun, and let me know if you have any other questions. Hopefully Naver Maps and my posts can help you on your hiking endeavors! Cheers.

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