Hiking Odometer

While hiking in Woraksan National Park on a beatiful October day, I wondered how many kilometers my wife Elicia and I have hiked in Korea since we arrived in April 2013.  So, here’s a running list of the hikes we’ve accomplished as we continue to Klimb Korean Mountains

3.2km   –  Mt. Yongmasan, Seoul
4.0km   –  Mt. Jangheung, Jangheung
9.7km   –  Wolchulsan National Park
2.1km   –  Shin Yang Park Hotel, Gwangju
2.6km   –  Gubongsan Mountain, Yeosu
1.8km   –  Goraksan Mountain, Yeosu
3.6km   –  Maraesan Mountain, Yeosu
2.2km   –  Jangunsan Mountain, Yeosu
18.3km – Hallasan National Park
23.1km – Olle Trails, Jeju Island
1.0km   –  Seongsan Ilchulbong, Jeju Island
3.5km   –  Horangsan Mountain, Yeosu
3.2km   –  Bonghwasan & Cheonseongsan Mountains, Yeosu
15.0km –  Geumodo Island, Yeosu
2.8km   –  Ansimsan Mountain, Yeosu
12.4km –  Jirisan National Park (Jungsanri-Cheonwangbong)
5.7km   –  Hahwado Island, Yeosu
4.1km   –  Bijindo Island, Tongyeong
5.8km   –  Gaedo Island, Yeosu
17.1km –  Deogyusan National Park
15.4km –  Songnisan National Park
10.0km –  Woraksan National Park
9.9km   –  Naejangsan National Park
10.0km – Gayasan National Park
8.8km   – Bonghwangsan & Hyangiram, Dolsan
3.4km  – Byeonsanbando National Park
6.1km  – Yeongchuisan Mountain, Yeosu
4.2km  – Geumsan Mountain, Namhae
12.7km – Mudeungsan National Park
9.6km  – Palyeongsan Mountain, Dadohaehaesang National Park, Goheung
11.0km – Jirisan National Park (Georim-Chotdaebong)
12.2km – Odaesan National Park
6.6km   – Ulsanbawi Course, Seoraksan National Park
8.0km  – Biseondae Course, Seoraksan National Park
13.3km – Oseak – Daecheongbong Peak, Seoraksan National Park
25.0km – Dolsan Coastal Trek Course #1, Yeosu
17.0km – Dolsan Coastal Trek Course #2, Yeosu
3.8km   – Cloud Bridge, Wolchulsan National Park
5.2km  – Naesosa Temple – Sebong, Byeonsanbando National Park
5.2km  – Daemisan Mountain, Yeosu
7.5km  – Domandake Mtn., Lake Biwa (Kyoto), Japan
8.8km  – Gyeryongsan National Park
8.9km  – Juwangsan National Park
16.6km – Sobaeksan National Park
10.5km – Chiaksan National Park
44.5km – Jirisan Ridge
7.4km – Bukhansan National Park


442.8  km TOTAL since April 14, 2013*

Deogyusan National Park

Naejangsan National Park

Dolsan Coastal Trek

Dolsan Coastal Trek

*Not double-counting trails around Yeosu I’ve hiked more than once or times I’ve gone running on the trails

5 comments on “Hiking Odometer

    • Not sure! We’ve been quite busy of late traveling around a bit (USA/Mexico/Indonesia, next is Thailand). This spring we’ll be heading north to tackle some more national parks like Seoraksan/Odaesan/Bukhansan. Heck, even Juwangsan just to the east of you guys is still on our list to get to for hiking/camping. You guys down for a hiking/camping weekend when it warms up a bit? We’ve got a car which makes getting to the parks 10x faster and easier!

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  2. WOW! This is incredible to see how many we have done. I spose once you set your mind to accomplishing something there is no going back. Can’t wait to see how many it is after one more year!!!

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