5 comments on “Hahwado Island (하화도)

    • Hi! Thank you for reading :) I haven’t been to Sanghwado yet, but looking at Naver Map it honestly doesn’t look too promising for hiking. Looks pretty small and no mountain with trails (from what I can see)! I will ask around some more to confirm.

  1. Hey Thomas,
    Thanks for the reply. Looking to do a 2-nighter from Seoul and thinking of train to Yeosu day 1, then ferry to one or two islands to hike Day 2, train back Day 3. Maybe you have some thoughts on which 2 would be a good idea! Tho your blog mentioned you did 2 in one day…I’ll read it again!
    Thanks…hiking in Korea the best!

    • Cool! It depends on how much hiking vs. relaxing you’d like to do. I enjoyed our day when we visited Sado Island (with dinosaur foot prints) and Hahwado Island. Sado Island is quite small, you can spend 2-3 hours there and that’s plenty of time. Hahwado is more of a hiking island, where it takes about 2-3 hours to walk around the 5.7km path. The cliffs and views are stunning on this island, so I’d recommend this itinerary. Guemodo is also very nice, but very long, with the whole trail being 18km, but it’s not extremely difficult. You could do a portion of it and return, however. Something to keep in mind is the ferry terminals – from Yeosu Ferry Terminal the times are different. I went from Shin-Gi Ferry Terminal on Dolsan Island to get to Geumodo Island, and Baekyado Ferry Terminal to get to Sado & Hahwado. Each of these terminals are about 45 minutes south of Yeosu, so if you take a train to Yeosu, you’ll either need a taxi or public bus to get to these ferry terminals. Let me know and I can help you with the proper bus numbers to catch to get you there. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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